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T7 graphical user interfaces for Prague Stock Exchange® - internet access

We provide graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for our Exchange Participants to perform a wide variety of trading, maintenance and risk management activities. Participants can access our T7 GUIs for Xetra® via internet or leased lines.

T7 Admin GUI

The T7 Admin GUI is used for all administration related functionality like trader setup, entitlement settings, etc.

T7 Trader GUI

The T7 Trader GUI is used for trading by Participants for cash and derivatives business.

T7 Clearer GUI

The T7 Clearer GUI is used by Clearing Members to monitor and to control trading activities of their customers.

For Production please use the links below:

->T7 Admin GUI, Production ->T7 Trader GUI, Production ->T7 Clearer GUI, Production
->Bulk upload TES template files, Production

For Simulation please use the links below:

->T7 Admin GUI, Simulation ->T7 Trader GUI, Simulation ->T7 Clearer GUI, Simulation
->Bulk upload TES template files, Simulation